Channel s0 Founder NFT

Created for Channel by Sam Rolfes
.PNG (4096 x 4096 px)
Edition of 636
0.33 ETH

The Channel s0 token features scrying stones inscribed with recombinations of the three founding communities' internal iconography. Key symbols from their respective online spheres—by nature ephemeral and all the more so with the impermanence of digital platforms—are collaged here and engraved in rock. Intended to be less of a precious gem than a marker in time, these combo-emblems represent the foundational infrastructure being built stone by stone, beginning with this series.

Holding the s0 Founder token grants open-ended access to all Channel content, which initially includes an RSS bundling the Joshua Citarella, Interdependence, and New Models podcasts. It also gives entry to the Founder region of the Channel Discord, a direct line to the Channel creators and developers, and a voice in the project's evolution toward a fully decentralized protocol.

Artist Bio:
Sam Rolfes is an NYC-based digital performer, designer, and director who works across digital media (from figurative animation to mixed-reality collage to large-scale festival stage design). His pieces respond in real-time to the fluctuating conditions of digital performance as well as to the tropes of the genres they parody. Recent collaborators and clients include: Lady Gaga, Danny Elfman, Danny L Harle, Tiesto, Nike, Adult Swim, and music festivals across the world.