Channel is building a composable media network for creator communities.

Launch a membership NFT for your fans.

Publish content to a token-enabled RSS feed.

Squad up with other creators to pool and grow audiences.

Channel is a composable media network

We’re building a durable, flexible protocol for creators and their communities. Channel allows anyone to create, grow, and interact with an audience via tokens. Every feed can be tokenized. Every token community can create a feed.

Seeding the protocol

We’ve focused on podcasts because they are undervalued. Podcasts are growing exponentially, enjoy soft power and serve as beacons for highly generative communities. Yet, tied to broken platforms, creators struggle to realize the deep value of their relationships with their fans. Podcasts first, with a media-agnostic content distribution layer at our core.

Easy to use publishing tools

No popularity contests, no ponzis. Just simple, beautiful and richly composable content publishing tools for creators by creators.

Wallet for media: web3’s content player

Current-generation wallets are ill-suited for anything but viewing an inventory of collectibles. Channel is building a web3 media player using NFTs+RSS. This will enable creators to reach their audience directly via the tokens they own.

Creator Sovereignty: Port Your Community

Existing membership registries are vulnerable to platform decay. Human networks should be portable, interoperable, and durable. The new institutions must be built on unstoppable infrastructure owned by their communities.

Proof-of-Patronage Web3 Onramps

Creators can easily migrate their community by verifying users existing subscriptions to receive an NFT airdrop, easily on-ramping them into our ecosystem. Airdrop memberships to adjacent creators to maximize network effects.

Channels = Interdependent Media

Run a web3 media channel with your squad. Unlike the entrepreneurial silos of web2, Channel’s tools enable individual creators to build and grow collectively. Create a new media company on-chain. Pool your media. Grow your audience.

Token-based Syndication

All token holders can contribute community generated media to an official feed. Loot Channel. FWB Channel. Punks Channel.

Community Perks

Whitelisting, special access, discounts, and more perks for adjacent token-holding communities and channels. All of these features catalyze positive network effects and discoverability via overlapping social graphs.

NFT Membership Registry and Distribution

The social token space has converged on NFT memberships. We are building a no-compromise and credibly neutral content membership protocol built around the unique affordances of NFTs.

Channel Ecosystem & Foundation

A progressively decentralized, on-chain independent cultural institution. Channel DAO will foster and invest in community infrastructure projects and tools that will open up economic opportunities across the network.

Community Funded Runway

Launched Season 0 2022. $600k raised from community for lifetime subscription to bundled feed. Runway to build Season 1 and seed the Channel Foundation. Nearly 500 dedicated holders.

Channel Protocol

Patronage & distribution layer built around NFTs+RSS

Media network of curated creator communities. First of many independently branded verticals on the protocol.

Channel Foundation

Funds community projects and administers the protocol.


Daniel Keller; James Geary; Cullen Miller

Founding Creators

Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst (Interdependence); Caroline Busta & Lil Internet (New Models); Joshua Citarella (Do Not Research)